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Whitney's Karate America

An Educational Facility that is the Leader in Character Development and Life Skills.

Preschool children enrolled in Little Ninjas program

Preschool program

At Whitney's Karate America in Green Bay, WI, we provide a fun and enjoyable environment where preschool age children learn discipline, focus, concentration, and more. Our Little Ninjas program is geared towards helping them learn to be their very best at all things.


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Character development

At our facility, we believe character development is important to start at any age. Because of this, we work with young children early on to teach them the fundamentals of having a strong character and exceptional life skills.

Our classes are fun

Although our Little Ninjas program  is geared towards discipline and focus, we still want your little ones to enjoy themselves. We provide games and activities that keep them excited and happy, while learning important life skills.

Little Ninjas helps children develop focus, concentration, discipline, memory and coordination within the context of fun activities and games.

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An important facet to martial arts is learning self-defense techniques. Our instructors are highly skilled and patient when it comes to teaching you and your family the right skills for real life situations.

Little Ninja student Little Ninha attempting to break wooden board Preschool program photo Little Ninjas Poster 2016_3