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I am very happy that we were introduced to Whitney's Karate America.  Zac has gained so much confidence in himself and his abilities.  It's such a positive place and the encouragement he gets is incredible.

When he was involved in other sports, there came a time when if you weren't as good as your teammates you felt like you didn't fit in.  I love the fact that with the training at Karate America, Zac improved with consistency, practice, patience and determination. He was encouraged and told he could do it, which makes all the difference.

Karate has helped him both mentally and physically. He has learned not to give up when things get hard and he can do what he sets his mind to.

The camaraderie between all the students and the instructors is great. He also has gained leadership skills and confidence being a student instructor.

I love all the extra "pep talks" that have been included with the karate instruction, such as listening to your parents and doing what you are told the first time.


~Kathy L.

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Dylan has come leaps and bounds from where he was at the start of karate.  He struggled with discipline and self-control to the point he was often getting suspended from school.  Whitney's has taught Dylan to be more disciplined and accountable for himself and his behaviors when working with others.

On a secondary note, his participation in karate has taught him valuable lessons in humility, teamwork, and has also increased his self-esteem.


~Mary B.


Really a good program with instructors who are very patient with our high energy 5 year old.  We have learned themes and values from karate that we can use in our day to day teachable moments.


~Erin K.




We never imagined how much karate training would prepare her for her teenage years.  Emilee has been able to draw on the things she has learned to help her excel academically and socially. Through Whitney's Karate America she developed the confidence we always knew she had.  She has also learned to be self-assured, respectful and happy being herself.

We are so proud of her and the things she has accomplished since joining karate. Thank you for continuing to push and encourage her to excel.


~Melissa Y.